The perfect team for all your dental needs.

Shari Woodrum
Office Manager

Shari was Dr. Burgess’s first employee and has been with the practice since 1984. She began as a dental assistant and has worked as the office manager for years.

When asked, Shari will tell you her favorite part of the job is the patients.  She loves speaking to every one of them and over the course of 31 years, she’s seen multiple generations of families come through the doors.

Shari lives in Charleston with her husband Mike and son, Cameron. She likes spending her time with her family and pets, along with various outdoor activities.


Debbie Romaca
Dental Hygientist

Debbie has 16 years experience as a dental hygienist in Dr. Burgess’s practice. She received her dental hygiene degree from West Virginia Institute of Technology in 1991. She resides in the Charleston area with her husband Chris, and daughter, Kristie.

Amanda Smith
Dental Hygientist

Amanda is a lifelong West Virginian who has worked as a dental hygienist for 15 years – the past four at Burgess Dental. She lives in Charleston with her husband and four lovely dogs. When asked about her job, Amanda says “I always say I have the best job because not only do I get to do what I love, I have a captive audience to listen to all my dog stories!”

Melissa Fields
Dental Assistant and Lab Supervisor

One of the newest additions to the Burgess Dental team, Melissa worked for 16 years as a certified orthodontic assistant before going back to dentistry. Melissa holds certification from both the WV Board of Examiners of Dental Assistants and the Dental Associate National Board (DANB).

Melissa loves everything about working for Burgess Dental and says “This is a wonderful place to work. The team here is so friendly and they really make you feel welcome. They do a great job taking care of patients.”

Melissa and her husband Scott have two children, Devin and Madison. They enjoy traveling, watching movies, and spending time in the great outdoors. Melissa also has a black lab named Ollie who loves to run, play, and enjoy the outside air with his family.